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About Us

OpenSource Leadership Strategies, Inc. addresses the leadership and organization development needs of nonprofits and other social change agents across the nation and globe who want to be the change they seek in the world. OpenSource works with Client Partners to align mission-driven outcomes (i.e., what you want to accomplish) with strategy, structure, and culture (i.e., how you accomplish it) for greater impact and integrity.

Why “OpenSource”?
We believe that good ideas come from a variety of sources – across disciplines, sectors, cultures – that can be integrated and adapted to meet each Client Partner’s needs. Using tested strategies and tools, our diverse, dynamic, and highly skilled network of consultants co-creates a customized process with you – to unleash your own wisdom and transformative power to achieve meaningful and lasting results.

What Does OpenSource Do?
OpenSource consults to social change agents – nonprofits, foundations, grassroots groups, local and national networks, social entrepreneurs, triple bottom line enterprises, and others – around the country and globe.  Our consulting capabilities include:

tiny bulletAmplifying Impact through Strategic Planning
    and Thinking

tiny bulletTransforming Organizations through Strategic
    Culture Change

tiny bulletAdvancing the Social Change Sector through Strategic
    Field Building

With every engagement, the OpenSource team adds value to your work by blending the roles of facilitator, expert, and advocate, applying our social justice values and power lens through these specific deliverables:

Each project is unique.
Contact OpenSource to create an engagement that meets your needs.

Our Pricing Philosophy (more)

OpenSource values relationships over transactions.  We do not have standard daily or hourly rates – in part, because we very rarely engage in discrete, short-term, tactical interventions that can be measured in days or hours.  Rather, just as the engagement must be customized to each client-partner’s needs, the fee structure also must be customized to reflect the value and complexity of the deliverable as well as the budget and capacity of the client-partner.  If there’s a fit between your needs and our capabilities, if we are clear on the scope of work, and if we share a spirit of working in partnership, we are confident that we can negotiate a fee that allows both of us to be sustainable.
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